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- Episode 16, Dream High

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

DAY6 Comeback

((sorry for not posting drama reviews, but I won't be doing so for awhile because I am starting new dramas !!)) anyways....

If you haven't seen my previous post on DAY6 it's linked here --> izabouttime
((in this link, you will be able to find DAY6's debut song, please do go check it out!!)) 

DAY6 has made their comeback with Letting Go. As mentioned in previous posts, this is DAY6's first song without Joonhyuk. To clear things up, DAY6 is not going to change it's name to DAY5 due to the loss a member... Joonhyuk will always be in our hearts for his talents!! 
Also, this time around, DAY6 will be promoting on music shows and appeal to the public in known fashions!! 

Saturday, March 26, 2016

wait what

Okay so.. just like any other person, I get distracted.. in my case.. I get distracted with other dramas and programs. Just to let you know, I am watching other programs in between dramas and some of them are: Producer 101 and We Got Married : JoyJae couple. 

Producer 101: (Mnet created) is basically about 101 trainees who join this program in order to debut (temporarily) in a girl group that contains 11 members. There is a lot of controversy around it, but this is how variety shows are made to be..... 

Anyways, if you do want to watch it, it is basically a survival show that is considered "rigged" by a lot of netizens. However, I am watching it because of JYP Jeon Somi (previously on the SIXTEEN.) 

We Got Married: (MBC created) is a variety show that virtually marries two 'famous' people persay actors and idols. I particularly only watch the JoyJae couple because well, they are idols. Please don't get me wrong, I'm sure the other couples are cute and sweet, but the JoyJae couple suits my age better...

Angry Mom

Director: Ashbu
Writer: Kim Ban-Di
Episodes: 16
Network: MBC
End Date: May 7. 2015

Okay so this drama photo may look a bit weird and appalling, but please watch the drama and give it a chance!


Kim Hee-SeonJi Hyun-WooKim You-JungYoon Ye-JooBaro
Jo Gang-Ja / Jo Bang-WoolPark No-AOh A-RanJin Yi-GyeongHong Sang-Tae

Ji SooLizzy   Kim Tae-HoonLim Hyung-JoonKo Su-Hee
Ko Bok-DongWang Jung-HeeDo Jung-WooOh Jin-SangHan Gong-Joo


First of all, solely based on the casting, this drama gets a 100/10. From Baro to Ji Soo to Yoo Jung, this drama really came together nicely. Now, it would definitely be a lie for me to say that I purely only watched this drama because well, Baro and Ji Soo were in it. However, as the story line did progress and I got farther into the drama, the plot became well, interesting and different. Now, I know I say that a lot of dramas are ""refreshing, interesting, different, etc." but this time... I mean it. With the high school theme still played into the drama, they brought up cases such as .....

To read more please click 'here
(click 'here' if you're confused...) 
You may have to scroll down to find the article
Sorry for the inconvenience!! 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

love me please

SO . Some of you might be wondering why I'm only posting comebacks and little previews or whatever right now. I just wanted to say, I am currently nearing an end of a drama. I will definitely post it soon (like 1-2 weeks... sorry) BUT I AM DEFINITELY GETTING TO IT. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


I want to take this post (though it's been hours since the incident) to memorialize all those lives that have been lost in Brussel. If you don't know what is currently happening, in Brussel, Belgium, ISIS landed an attack. Thus, around 230 were injured and at least 30 have died. I also wanna take this post to pray for a quick development and a comeback for the city as a whole. The whole #prayforBrussel will become controversial, so in all, I want to #prayfortheworld. I want to take this time to reflect on past actions and just love your loved ones a bit more. 
(sorry for such a low mood post!) 

DAY6 Comeback

DAY6 has released their comeback date on their JYP official page. Though Day6 is not an idol group, but a band instead, they don't get to be on programs very often. As recently mentioned, one member has left the group and this is their first comeback without him. Their teaser photo will be below as well as their debut song, please watch out for Day6 !! 

Monday, March 21, 2016


I'm probably the only person who's still raving over GOT7's comeback (their MV has reached 2.3M as of 10:12 PM) BUTTTTTTT BTOB HAS RELEASED THEIR MV SPOT TEASER WHICH IS 19 SECONDS. IN THIS 19 SECONDS I THINK I JUST DIED. 
I'm really anticipating the upcoming charts ILOVEYOUGOT7BUTIALSOLOVEYOUTOOBTOB 
below is BTOB's 'Remember that' MV spot video ft. Minhyuk + a girl that isn't me -- which makes me kinda salty, but this is the true reality of a fan... LOL ANYWAYS if you haven't watched GOT7's 'Fly' MV, it will also be linked below!!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Other Upcoming Comebacks

I have been so caught up with LeeHi, AKMU, and mostly GOT7's comeback, but I have truly neglected any other artist's comebacks. (sorry!!) Here is a list of upcomming comebacks ! Each groups/artist's last music video will be under their comeback teaser picture.

This is not a complete list of upcomming comebacks. 

March 28th 
read my rant about them here

Oh My Girl 
Prerelease : March 21 
Mini Album: March 28  
though they are sort of a rookie, Oh My Girl has interesting and cute concepts! 
Based on their album, I would buy it because of the illustrations, but yet again, I don't listen to Ohmygirl, so I can't judge their songs. 

Sometime at the end of March 
this will be their first album since Junhyeok left due to ""personal issues"" many people are suspecting that it is a dating scandal, but let him live his life guys 
This time around, Taeyeon's album will be a full album 
Concert dates in Seoul will be August 23 and 24th 


Okay so many people really don't know BTOB because well first of all, they aren't from one of the top 3 largest companies. However, they are up there. BTOB is part of Cube Entertainment that enlists artists such as 4MINUTE and B2ST. BTOB (Born to Beat) has won the Golden Disk Award for being the best vocal group. BTOB isn't your typical "idol" group. They definitely are quirky. However, BTOB has been recieving criticism for being a "failed idol group." I would like to say that BTOB isn't a failed group, it's that they haven't had enough exposure to the public. IN ALL, STOP GIVING HATE TO GROUPS/PEOPLE IF YOU HAVEN'T LISTENED TO THEIR MUSIC. Once you have listened to their musics, your opinions on them are valid. Thank you very much.


I posted this last time, but I just wanted to put out that I am putting my life on the Internet, so please go read it LOLOL under '19+ info.' There is a lot of words, but it's kinda entertaining.... in a way... ish. but if you wanna learn about all those little secrets and rants head over there!!!1! 
if you're too lazy to click the tab, here's a link
You're cute..... stay cute friend ^__^ 


TO ALL OF YOU HATERS OUT THERE WHO ARE GIVING LEEHI 💩 FOR BEING FIRST ON MCOUNTDOWN IMA SLAP YOU. honestly, yes there aren't many competitions right now. Yes, Descendants of the Sun's OST is currently the first 6 on may music outlets, but the OST is done by many currently famous idols. So, it actually does makes sense that the OST is currently first. I mean honestly, you should judge the song itself before you say that LeeHi doesn't deserve first. Sure you might not have heard of the song (as many netizens have said), but I mean shouldn't listen to it before you actually judge. I mean she's probably 100x more successful than you'd probably be in the music industry so stop giving her 💩. SHE HASN'T BEEN ACTIVE FOR 3 YEARS OKAY + ALL YOU SM LOVERS + YG haters, SHINee Jonghyun wrote the song so..........
- xoxo cammie + everyone else who is frustrated about this. 
oh, if you're reading this and you haven't listened to her song it's down below, please enjoy. 
oh! also check out this post on her : fkofflmao

GOT7 has ruined me

SOOOOOOO in my latests posts for the past week or so, I have been posting about GOT7's comeback and well today is the day!!!!! They have comeback with their song, Fly. (Homerun, their second title track which is going to be released soon--please anticipate) Many people aren't posting much about their comeback ): but it's okay because GOT7 is GOT7 and iGOT7s are iGOT7s. *if that made any sense at all....* Anyways check their Youtube link here --> got7iloveyousomuch (this will lead you to JYP's official Youtube because GOT7 or any other artists under JYP don't have a personal Youtube) BUT THE VIDEO IS HERE BELOW SO PLEASE DO CHECK IT OUT OKAY ILOVEYOUSOMUCH THANKYOU GOT7 FOR YOUR SUPER PRETTY ALBUM WHERE YOU CAN ALSO CHECK OUT HERE --> thisalbumisseriouslypretty ((the album is 12.50 each w/o shipping-- IT'S ACTUALLY KINDA CHEAP , BUT THEN AGAIN I AM BUYING 2 LOLOL)) 
okay thank you very much to the people who have read this terribly grammared and spelled post. my love for GOT7 will live on --whether you like it or not. 

Reply 1997

Director: Shin Won-Ho
Writer: Lee Woo-Jung , Lee Sun-Hye, Kim Ran-Joo
Episodes: 17
Network: tvN
End Date: September 18. 2012


Jung Eun-JiSeo In-GukShin So-Yul
Sung Shi-WonYoon Yoon-JeMo Yoo-Jung
Eun Ji-WonHoyaLee Si-Un
Do Hak-ChanKang Joon-HeeBang Sung-Jae

This is the last series of the current Reply series that I haven't watched yet. By far, I liked this series the most with Reply 1988 following, respectively. This drama is the first of the series, but in other reviews I have mentioned that I did watch it backwards. With this drama, like the other seasons, I was able to reach a sort of intellectual way of thinking. At first, I only thought about things from the surface and never really followed through with say, actions or words. This drama really made me realize that...
Read more here
(if you're confused click 'here') 
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Friday, March 18, 2016


Okay so I haven't really been posting lately, but I WILL SOON... LOLOL okay enjoy this GOT7 teaser video. Their album this time around is really really really pretty and the song is also really really pretty... (but the 40$ to buy their album (s) -- if people do group orders again) sigh.. 

LOL TBH the video escalates really fast and it gets weird 

Monday, March 14, 2016

Reply 1994

Director: Shin Won-Ho 
Writer: Lee Woo-Jung 
Episodes: 21 
Network: tvN 
End Date: December 28. 2013 

"If you want to end your one-sided love, the only solution is to confess." 

"There are things that you will not learn until you try it. There is an outlook that you won't be able to see unless if you go there." 

Cast: (main 9)
Go AraSung Dong-IlLee Il-HwaJung WooYoo Yeon-Seok
Sung Na-JungSung Dong-IlLee Il-HwaSseureki (Trash)Chilbongi
Kim Sung-KyunSon Ho-JunBaroMin Do-Hee
SamchunpoHaetaeBinggeureJo Yoon-Ji


In the beginning, I was quite excited Locationbecause I thought it would be similar to Reply 1988. (I watched the series backwards....) It was really a roller coaster watching this drama. At times, I would be envious of the relationships, but at other times, it seemed burdensome. The events in this drama are perfectly highlighted and parallel to Korean history. (learning about these historical events not in my country will become useful... right) With each contrasting character, I believe that there is one that is relatable. Though the love lines in this drama is quite different, it gives...
Read more here
(click 'here' if you're confused...) 
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Friday, March 11, 2016

Just 2 let you know...

I had originally set a really pretty font that matches the blog title font, but it doesn't work on Google chrome.. T_T LOL Anyways, that's all I wanted to say. If you want to see the font go on a outlet, but I know that it shows up with safari (mac), but not everyone has a mac so.... HAVE A NICE DAY/NIGHT/MORNING/SLEEP. stay happy cuties ^__^ 

GOT7 Comeback teaser

GOT7 is flying to us !! (how cringy but, they actually are in like an airplane) Anyways, GOT7 has released their teaser photos for their concert dates. Their first concert, in Seoul will be April 29th and 30th. GOT7 will also being doing a 'fly in USA.' (the dates of the concerts will be on the photo itself) Their Seoul concert tickets have been said to be sold out already (YAY GO GOT7, I'm so sorry for the fans who can't make it (me) and those who weren't able to get tickets) Anyways, GOT7 did release their teaser and it is located on their Naver V App (without subs.) I have tried looking on Youtube for the video, but it isn't showing up. 
The Naver V App is actually really useful to see live comeback concerts and just to watch your idol(s), not on stage. So, if you're interested (it's kinda free) go download it !!! 


April Everything

So recently, there has been a release that Eunji (Apink) will be coming back with a solo album in April. However, there seems to be a war between two agencies (SM being the larger one, obviously) with Eunji and Tiffany's (SNSD- Girl's Generation) solo comebacks. I hope they both do well. Also, (once again the fangirl in me wants to annouce that) AKMU is also coming back. YAYYY (okay sorry..) 

Yuju and Sunyoul

Yuju (G-friend) and Sunyoul (UP10TION) has paired up for their new duet called 'Cherish.' The song is really bright and brings a fresh new take on a love song. The two have similar voices as Sunyoul is able to reach all the high notes (which is quite amazing) which makes your heart tremble a little (sorta kinda not.) But overall, the duet was really cute and fits their image. Many people do believe that the song will do well on the charts! 

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Comeback archive.

If you're interested in the latest kpop news (sorta kinda within the article of their comeback) and kpop comebacks, it's best to either use the archive or scroll down.... 
** I don't have a page for it because I think it won't be too active and I can randomly post comebacks!! 


Please use the blog archive to guide your way !! Also also also, go feed fishes on the upper right corner 
😂😂(or don't....)

If you're ever (even the slightest) interested in my life (I know, you're not) BUTTT.. if you are go check out my '19+ corner' (even though I'm not 19 yet.. or plus..) You can learn all those (superduperuber) (un)gr8 secrets!!1! (okay just click the page and admire my boba at the bottom) 

** disclaimer- yes, it does take scrolling to get to the bottom of the page, I'm sorry. 

LeeHi Comeback Songs

This is belated, but LeeHi has released her title tracks for her album 'Seoulite.' I think the production of the music videos are at a higher caliber compared to her other songs. ((personal opinion))HER VOICE IS SERIOUSLY AMAZING AND SHE'S SO CUTE OHMYGOSH
Also, many people have been saying that LeeHi has gone under the knife, but I just think that she lost a lot of weight. Look what happened to Katie Kim (KpopStar) . I'm just saying, it's possible for her to have a smaller face without going under the knife. . .
Check them out below!


Sorry !! This is super belated, but I haven't been posting reviews in awhile, well because I haven't finished watching any dramas. I am currently watching Reply 1994 and will be finishing shortly! **Some of you might be thinking 'Why won't you do a recap?' or 'Why won't you do it episode by episode?" 
I think it's better to do a general review rather than a per episode review because in the first few episodes there won't be much to commentate about because as most dramas are, it's slow in the beginning. Also, if I do a recap, it's going to ruin it for those viewers who actually want to watch the drama. 

Monday, March 7, 2016

Seo In Guk's Comeback

Seo In Guk has comeback after a little over two years. Within the time span from his last song and his current comeback, he was in the drama, Hello Monster (I Remember You). Seo In Guk's new song, Seasons of the Heart, perfectly describes the current mood (of my life) and it fits perfectly with the music video. Seo In Guk is one of the underrated solo singers out there, but his voice is beautiful (just like his face-- sorry people who hate him/think he's ugly, I think he's kinda hot...) His voice seriously matches the ballads he sings and the stories he tells. It's amazing.. Listen to it below!!

AKMU Comeback

Just like an other YG artist, they always go through a long hiatus period. For AKMU, who has been on 'hiatus' for about a year now. Many fans have been wondering when the duo would return and it has finally been released. AKMU WILL BE COMING BACK IN APRIL. However, just like iKON and BIGBANG, there is a high chance (95%??) of their comeback being pushed back. 

click this to get to their youtube link ---> just admit it already
Below is a picture from their debut album (they're so cute!!!!!) 

AKMU made their TV appearance on Season 2 of Kpop Star. 
They're brother and sister...
Lee Soo-Hyun (left) is born in 1999.
Lee Chan-Hyuk (right) is born in 1996. 

Lee Hi Track List

As Lee Hi's comeback comes closer, her track list (half album) has finally been released! LeeHi's album has been more anticipated by fans due to the featuring of Mino (from Winner), Jonghyun (SHINee), Incredivle (HIGHGRND), and DOK2 (Illionaire) On March 5th, LeeHi has also revealed another teaser for her song, Hold My Hand. (scroll down!!) To find her first released song, Breathe, please follow this link .

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Cheese In the Trap

Director: Lee Yoon-Jung 
Writer: Soon Ggi (original writer) , Kim Nam-Hee
Episode: 16 
Network: tvN 
End Date: March 1. 2016 

"Applause is a knife, compliments are poison." 

"Patience is the true talent" 

Cast: (main 3) 
Park Hae-JinKim Go-EunSeo Kang-Joon
Yoo JungHong SeolBaek In-Ho

This drama was really interesting to me. The fact that the director and actors were able to highlight each character's different personalities so well was well done. (claps) If you're thinking that this drama is probably your typical drama, it really isn't. Sure, there are the basics: a poor girl, a rich guy, and the happy medium, but the plot of this drama was thrilling. As always, with a love triangle, things are more interesting and well, less realistic. I think through this drama, I was able to realize many different things about myself and the people surrounding me: We aren't carbon copies of each other. It may seem as though someone is really similar to you...
 Read more here
(click the 'here' if you're confused...)
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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Reply 1988

Director: Shin Won-Ho 

Writer: Lee Woo-Jung 
Episodes: 20 
Network: tvN
End Date: January 16. 2016 

“Sometimes we become indebted or inconvenience others. Don’t suffer on your own”

"What helps you overcome obstacles isn’t brains but someone who will take your hand and will not let you go."

“There is no need to force the harsh truth onto a small bit of happiness – sometimes you need an illusion to be happy”

“With money, you will never be satisfied whether you have a lot or not”

“Another term for ‘fate’ is ‘timing’

Cast: (main 5) 

HyeriRyoo Joon-YeolKo Gyung-PyoPark Bo-GumLee Dong-Hwi
This drama was seriously one of the best. (I know, I like a lot of dramas) Sure, I haven't watched other drama Incorporated in the "Reply series," but so far this is the best. (I'm slowly working on it...) As someone who is born in America and doesn't have much background of the Korean history, this was quite interesting to see events that occurred at that time. (ex: Seoul Olympics) I like how the director was able to enhance each character's characteristics and film it smoothly. (cudos to the actors as well ^__^-- I love you ... 
Read more here
(click 'here' if you're confused) 
you may have to scroll down to find the article 
sorry for the inconvenience!!

Recommendation #2

Appreciation Post: 

In light of GOT7's upcomming comeback, this post is to commemorate their success over the past years. They had debuted in January 2014, where there were major competitons, such as Winner from YG. Despite all the competitions, GOT7 hasn't failed to shine through. When mentioned the name 'GOT7,' most people mention the name 'Jackson.' Jackson is the rapper of the group and also the moodmaker. As seen in many variety shows, Jackson never fails to dissapoint! More than this, I want to illuminate their successful mini drama called 'Dream Knight.' 

Dream Knight:

Director: Park Byung- Hwan
Kim Eun Young, Kim Hee Ran, Shin Hye Mi, Ahn Suk Chan, Won Young Shil
Episodes: 12
Network: Tudou, Naver TV Cast
Cast: (Members of GOT7) + featuring
  • Song Ha Yoon as Joon In Hyung (main)
  • JB (main)
  • Mark
  • Jackson
  • Jr. (Junior)- main
  • BamBam
  • Youngjae
  • Yugyeom

This drama has been one of my all time favorites. You should definitely watch if youre in the mood for crying. I know, it’s quite embarassing to cry over a drama, but her dilemmas were too burdensome to watch. As Joon In Hyung was suffering from bullies in school, it was amazing to see these boys (GOT7) stand up for her everytime she needed it. At times, it may be annoying, but they were the main reason to her success later on. I thought that this drama was really cute, but at the same time it gave me that feeling of wanting something like that in my life. The overall storyline of the drama, with the dolls coming to life, may seem a bit weird at first, but after awhile it comes naturally as something different and interesting. In few frames, it may be a bit confusing to what is happening, but everything is resolved by the end (don’t worry.) This drama touches really well on determination, frienship, regret, and love.
The bads:
To be honest, I don't think there was anything major that needs to be pointed out. I fairly liked this drama and everything was tied together really well.

Min (Miss A)
Changsung (2PM)
Lee Gook Joo (comedian)
Choi Woo Shik (JYP Actor)
Changmin (former 2AM member)

You should watch if you like…
  • love
  • drama
  • trust
  • idols
  • diss battles
  • magical thingy
The best short web drama that I have watched so far.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

AOA Jimin and EXO Xiumin Comeback

The much anticipated collaboration of AOA's Jimin and EXO's Xiumin has finally arrived. The two have collaborated together for the song 'Call You Bae.' The overall video has a light, airy pastel filter which also correlates to the song and how upbeat and cutesy it is.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

LeeHi Comback

After a long one year since her last comeback with HiSuhyun, 'I'm Different', LeeHi is finally coming back!!! With her latest cover of Winner's 'Baby Baby',the anticipation for her comeback rose as many fans are cheering her on. There will be a digital release of 'Breathe' from her upcoming album 'Seoulite,' which will be release on March 9th. Even though her popularity isn't comparable to other members of the YG Family, she still has her strong vocals and her charisma. Please send her your love and support !!

scroll down for HiSuhyun 'I'm Different'  !


HiSuhyun 'I'm Different'

Hello Monster (I Remember You)

Director: No Sang-Hoon 
Writer: Kwong Ki-Young 
Episodes: 16 
Network: KBS2 
End Date: August 11. 2015

Is it better to tell the people about their 
loved ones' death to end their hope? 

Don't assume. Until you see that person face-to-face, until that moment comes. You won't know what choice you will make.

Cast (main 3) + supporting: 
Seo In-GukJang Na-RaChoi Won-YoungLee Chun-HeePark Bo-Gum
Lee HyunCha Ji-AnLee Joon-HoKang Eun-HyeokJung Sun-Ho
This drama is now one my new favorites. Even though I'm into dramas that particularly lean towards romance, this drama was exciting and thrilling. I like the fact how they gave a girl a profession that goes against her gender. There were highlights throughout the series where women were powerful and could do the same job as men. (ya...
Read more here
(click 'here' if you're confused..)
you may have to scroll down for the article 
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