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Monday, July 25, 2016

Currently ....

So, I recently posted on the short web drama, Touching You, which is apparently only available on Dramafever. However, to tell you the truth, you can find this drama on a lot of second hand subbed websites. (but I did watch this on Dramafever!!) As I have mentioned before, I have been watching multiple dramas at once and none of them have come to an end yet, so I just wanted to clear up any misconceptions that I'm not trying to finish any dramas and things of such. Here is a list of the dramas I am currently watching! 

- Doctors (ft. Park Shin Hye) 

- W (ft. Lee Jong Suk) 
- Uncontrollably Fond ( ft Kim Woo Bin & Bae Suzy) 
- Age of Youth (ft Han Seung Yeon & Yoon Park) -- currently waiting for English subtitles 

in the meantime... enjoy a fan edit of nam joo hyuk ^__^

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Touching You

This is a web drama so the episodes are shorter along with a shorter series 
For similar web series click this #2 1 more

Episodes: 12 
Network: Naver TV Cast 
Sponsor Pictures: JYP Pictures 
  • Producer: Choi Joong Rak (최중락)
    •  Pyo Jong Rok (표종록)
  • Director: Park Soo Chul
  • Screenwriter: Sung Min Ji (성민지)
Ok Tacyeon as Do Jin Woo 
Song Ha Yoon  as Jin Hee Young 
Kim Jong Moon as Kang Hyun Seo 
Im Yoon Jung as Kwon Min Sook 
Park Joo Hyung as Oh Young Dal 
Gil Ha Ra as Hwang Shin Young 

Ok Tacyeon : JYP Entertainment (2PM) 
Woo Hyelim: JYP Entertainment (Wondergirls) - cameo 
Kang Brian (Young K) : JYP Entertainment (Day6) - cameo 
Nickhun: JYP Entertainment (2PM) - cameo 

(this is all that I know now, if there is more please msg me or leave a comment! ) 

While scrolling through multiple Facebook posts, I found a little segment with YoungK in it. While watching it, I was quite enticed with how funny his part was. Thus, afterwards I decided to find the drama and watch it. It turned out that Tacyeon was in it and began watching this drama. First off, this is a new idea, something that I personally haven't watched. The difference between this drama and multiple other ones is that ...

Read more: 'here'
(click 'here' if you're confused...) 
You may have to scroll down to find the article 
Sorry for the inconvenience!! 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Reality & Innisfree !!

So, I did say that I was concluding the mini series about Korean cosmetics/facial products. However, I did receive my package today!! So I will give an overall review on my experience and the results.

1) Background
So, while browsing through my emails and simultaneously deleting multiple messages, I came across an Innisfree subscription email. In that email ,they notified me of a current raffle type of deal going on for a best loved collection package. What comes in this package are 3 items: 10 mL super volcanic pore clay mask, 10mL orchid enriched cream, and a 5 mL green tea serum. After winning this raffle type of thing, I decided to claim it, but it came with a catch (that I didn't know of...) that I would have to pay for an item as well as pay for the shipping. At first glance, I was purely okay with this consent, so I bought a 5mL green tea serum (forgetting that the package came with one) which was around $1.30 without the shipping fee. As I approached the cart section, the grand total was $7.70, the smart/dumb me thought, wow, what a great deal and proceeded to feed the account with my information.

2) Arrival
As my mom passed the parcel onto my lap, I saw the great indication of a scar on my package- meaning either someone tried to open my package forcibly or it was hitting great turmoil on the way to my home. I was greatly disappointed with how the box arrived. On the side of the box, it did indicate the words "hand with care," but definitely, these words were not achieved. 

However, things slightly turned for the better as I saw how they wrapped the items to cope with the impact. Thus, I was thoroughly impressed with this and continued to search inside the box. As I reached in I finally found the (sorta) tiny packaging that contained my serums and creams. Once I opened this little bag, I was a bit disgusted with the end results. Though this is probably most of my fault, I realized that $7 for this was not worth it. Some may definitely disagree and state that these items are worth the money, but the frugal person I am, I am appalled by both the price and the results of it. In the end, if you ever win the raffle, I simply don't think that it is worth it, but it is definitely up to your call ! (the shipping is a bit too much for these items :// ) 
The one on the far right is the item that I have bought in order to receive this "free" collection. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Truly Deeply Lovely

For the past two posts, it has mainly been about cosmetics. To finish this mini series off, this will probably be the last cosmetic post! This will mainly star Etude House as well as Innisfree! 

1) Etude House 
This store is well known in Korea for their make up line ! I have friends from Korea who have assured me of the outcomes of their product and decided to buy their eyebrow pencil. Unlike Nature Republic as well as The Face Shop, Etude House has a working online store where you can browse as well as buy from your seat. 

Product #1: Etude House Drawing Eye Brow 
** Not knowing about their online store, I ended up buying this product on amazon, at a retail website ..** 

This product is definitely definitely my favorite eyebrow pencil. I use this one more often to school just because it's easier to use as well as it's less awkward. This product perfectly fits my eyebrow color which was quite of amazing because I thought there would be a huge difference, but nevertheless, it worked well. What I really like about this brush is that the pencil is angled. Unlike Nature Republic as well as The Face shop, this works with the angle and 'natural wave' of the eyebrow. (aka it's kinda slanted so that it's easier to draw on your eyebrows, but it does depend on your preferences) 

I got this product for a whopping $8 and I do not regret one bit of it.

How to Use: 
1) This is definitely up to preferences, but it works well if you don't draw it to darkly in one area
2) It gets a bit harder to brush off when you have put a large amount of color onto one certain area in hopes of it spreading 

2) Innisfree 
If you have watched Beautiology, which is a short web drama series that was sponsored by innisfree -- check it out here : click me , the desire to buy all their products sparked a big interest in my buying of this product. They do have an online store where you can both actively browse as well as shop at the same time. I did win their raffle type of thing, though I'm not sure if a lot of other people also won it, and it currently is delivering ! 

Product #1: Jeju volcanic pore cleansing foam 
** The price for this is also cheap, but be aware of the shipping costs, it's quite high..** 

For this product, I was well recieved by the public and I can say that it doesn't work as well for me. I first bought this for my brother as he was in search of an item that would clear his skin. Thus, I bought this product in hopes of a better usage for me, but instead I broke out. This does show how it works well for different skin types. I work well with products from Nature Republic instead, but this product had little beads in it that make it feel as though you were being refreshed in luxury. 

The price for this was around $10, but I didn't buy it from the real website, but instead on Amazon. I'm not quite sure if the account that claims to be innisfree is 'legit', but I bought it off that website to avoid the shipping costs. (but if you are buying small items, it definitely will be cheaper) 

How to Use: 
1) wash your face and pat dry afterwards 
2) squeeze the foam onto the palm of your hands 
3) create a circular motion until bubbles form 
4) massage the foam onto your face 
5) wash off with lukewarm water 

Monday, July 18, 2016

Joys In Life #2

So, on my previous post, I posted about Nature Republic and the products that I have used from that company. Though I haven't used much of their products, this post will mainly be about The Face Shop! 

1) The Face Shop 
Just like Nature Republic, The Face Shop does not have an active online store, but rather posts about their products and what they do for you. Unlike Nature Republic, The Face Shop doesn't  have an English subtitle aspect to their products. If you are really questionable about how their product functions and what they do for you, go ask the sales associate. (I'm sure they'll be happy to help you, the workers there are particularly nice) If you don't have that type of convenience, there are many reviews online that will give you the gist of the idea ! Also, if you don't have a local store, I once again do recommend online retailing such as ebay or amazon! 

Product #1: Clean Face Oil Free BB Cream 
** They do sell these in stores, but they do also have other types of BB creams** 

I actually really enjoy using this product. I don't wear make up on a daily basis so it really hasn't had a huge effect on my face that I can recount. To me, this is a substantial BB cream and works actively like most other brands do. I do definitely recommend this type of BB cream over the drugstore ones (here in America.) If you're ever weary or scared that it's going to do harm to your face, test it out once and see if it works well for you. Also, be aware of the color and see if it matches your face. For me, it is a bit lighter, so I have to make sure that it is evenly spread onto my face. 

If I'm not mistaken, this product is around $8? I got this for $3 when buying it off a friend because it doesn't fit her skin tone. If you don't want to spend $8+, ask around and see if they have anything similar for you! 

How to Use: 
1) This is up to preference
2) Since this is a BB Cream, it would similar to applying concealer or foundation 
3) I typically just use my fingers, but I think a brush would work better (if you're covering a large amount of space) 

Product #2: BrowMaster Eyebrow Pencil 
**MAKE SURE YOU READ THE LABEL AND SEE IF IT'S THE RIGHT COLOR OHMYGOSH, I don't know if they do sell this product in store, I did get this on the clearance area** 

For this product, I didn't look at the label and saw "brown pencil" and was immediately sold. So, the lesson here is to make sure you look at the label and find out the color. However, I do enjoy using this product to fill in my eyebrows (though they are darker) just to make it look complete. I really do enjoy using the brush on this eyebrow pencil type of thing because it's stable and reliable. Something that I found quite funny was that it said "waterproof eyebrow pencil", but after swimming for approximately 30 minutes, the product was gone. 

I got this product on the clearance aisle, so the price was $2, which pretty cheap (to me) for an eyebrow pencil. 

How to Use: 
1) This is also up to your preferences
2) I typically swatch it once throughout my whole eyebrow so that the color is there and then dilute it with the brushing 

Product #3: Face It MAXX' Eye Twinkle Pen Liner 
**This was also on the clearance aisle and I was quite intrigued** 

First off, I definitely am one of the worst at doing eyeliner. I have one double eyelid and one 'hidden' double eyelid. (if that makes any sense) However, I can definitely assure you that the color is really pretty. It's a light-dark brown color that has bit of shimmer in it. It's something different and pretty!! 

How to Use: 
1) This is also up to debate because it depends how you want to use this product 
2) When you're clicking this product for the ink to come out, click multiple times and don't give up to easily 

The Real Secrets

Hey guys ! So for today's blog post rather than posting about kdramas and the recent controversies in kpop that have been happening, I'm gona do a review on popular Korean cosmetic brands. One of the most convenient stores closer to me would be The Face Shop as well as Nature Republic. I do have a few products from innisfree as well as etude house, but these products haven't arrived yet. ( I will do a review on those soon!!) 

1) Nature Republic
First off, if you don't have a store nearby you I definitely do recommend using a  "middle man" online websites such as ebay or amazon. As far as I know, Nature Republic does not have an online store, but rather a website featuring all their products. I do recommend that you check their website if you're ever curious about products.


Product #1: Bamboo Charcoal Mud Pack
** they don't sell these anymore, but they do sell something similar: Bamboo Charcoal & T-zone Pack.** (All in all, the two do do the same things, but the price has increased for these items)

This product actually works very well. As most products are, they don't work right away, but instead they work overnight. For me, this product brightens my skin as well as replenishes it. If I ever have to get rid of blackheads or such items around my nose (trust me, I have a lot to get rid of) this is definitely my first go to product. It may feel weird when you're applying this at first, but after awhile you get use to the feeling.

This is usually around $5 (I got it right before they were taking it off the shelves so it did cost me $5 and I totally agree with this price because it does go a long way. I bought this pack 7-8 months ago and I still have it)

How to Use:
1) Wash face and hands
2) Dry face and hands
3) Squeeze a little bit onto your finger/palm of your hands
4) Spread onto the desired areas
5) Wait approximately 10 minutes (do not go longer, I have experienced this, but your face feels tacky afterwards and it does harm to your skin. The product doesn't work as well as it should past 10 minutes)
6) Wash off your face with lukewarm water.


Product #2: Nature Republic cleansing Aloe Natural Fermentation Aloe Cleaning Tissue
** In store, this is a 1+1 deal and it's typically $11 without tax**

I usually use this product as a make up wipe just because it's conventional as well as I simply don't have any make up wipes at my disposal. By using this, I can assure myself that there isn't anything weird or gross on my skin as it picks it up. Just like most wipes, there is a refreshing feeling and something similar to being cleansed.

It is $11 for two packs (250 sheets/pack) so it is up to your call to whether it's worth the money or not. I'm sure that you can find a similar product to this at a cheaper price.

How to Use:
There's no real way to use this product, but rather use it as if you were cleaning your face with a towel, but with more care.

Product #3: Nature Republic Fresh Herb Acerola Cleansing Foam
**I'm sure this is in store, but there are other scents, but I'm (80% sure) that they pretty much have the same effect, but used with different ingredients.**

One of the reasons why I decided to buy this product was because of the price. First of all, it came at the price of $4 and I was quite suprised because I haven't seen a quality cleanser at that type of price (not quite justifiable but still.) This product works very well, but you have to be very careful not to get it into your eyes. (ps it really hurts...) This product makes my face becomes much brighter as well as smoothing out my skin. I am prone to redness on my cheeks, but this products helps reduce the redness and the size of my pimples. I was very pleased with the price and the results of this !!

This was $4 and I think it's worth the price. There are other scents, but they are about a dollar more, but what I found which is pretty weird was that this product was larger and cheaper than the other cleansers. The workers there didn't really help with clarification as they were confused as well.

How to Use:
1) Make sure that your face as well as hands are wet in order for the product to work.
2) Put some of the product on your palm
3) Move your fingers in a circular motion over the cleanser in order to create bubbles
4) apply to the face and desired areas
5) wash off with lukewarm water

Product #4: Nature Republic Face Masks
**The deals for these are quite amazing -- 10+10, so this is a really good 'go to' product if you're buying it for a group of people!!**

I used the Nature Republic Blueberry as well as the Lotus Face Masks. These definitely aren't the most popular "flavors", but I do think that these work very well. My face was fully moisturized after and the product wasn't itchy on my face which is nice.

The deals for face masks are quite remarkable and there are specials where if you buy a certain amount, you can save at your next purchase. At my local Nature Republic, if you buy more than 20$, you get a EXO fan and at $30-40 you get a EXO puzzle piece. This is definitely appeal to kpop fans, but if you spend more than $30, after gaining 5 stars (aka five visits with the purchase of over $30, you can get 15% off your next purchase) I'm not quite sure about these, but do definitely sign up!

How to Use:
1) Make sure that your face has been cleansed and washed before applying
2) apply the mask accordingly
3) keep it on for 10-20 minutes
4) take off -- if preferred gently clean your face (some people don't like the feeling after wearing masks)

Make Up--
Product #5: Nature Republic Provence Two Way Pact SPF 50+ PA+++
** This product is a bit on the pricer end, but I don't do make up very often so I can't give you any real expertise on this, but rather what I have been doing**

What this product does for me is make my skin much brighter and fresher. I do usually apply this after having concealer on (but this occasional) Sometimes I do directly apply this to my face without any previous products. This definitely does help with brightening.

I was quite intrigued by the product as well as the effects my friends have told me about. However, I don't use this on a daily basis, so my reasons aren't justifiable. I do enjoy using the product, but not for the price it came at.

How to use:
1) This is up to preferences, but it is best to use when you feel you still need brightening
2) This works well as a powder type of look and covers dark circles well
3) Evenly apply this to your face, so that it isn't caked on

Product #6: Nature Republic Eyebrow Coating Cara
** This was around $5 for me and I thought it was pretty useful and it showed well in the results**

This product makes your eyebrows definitely look like they're done. Nature Republic has recommended that you use this product for straight eyebrows (something similar to kpop idols.) I do enjoy using this product, but I haven't gotten use to it yet. I do like using the pencils better, but this is glossy and is similar to apply mascara.

How to Use:
1) This is also up for debate and it truly depends on your preferences
2) Comb through your eyebrows (but for me only the ends need to be colored or else the middle parts will look a little bit too dark compared to the rest)
3) Apply from the peak to the beginning of your eyebrows in the opposite direction of hair growth
-- this product is really up to your preferences on how you want your eyebrows to be done --

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

GOT7 Controversy uhmmmm.....


After their last concert in USA, the following day was when GOT7 arrived back to Mark's house as Mark's parents decided to throw a farewell party (if you will.) At this event, many of Mark's friends have arrived and seemingly, it was similar to previous parties that had occurred when GOT7 came back to LA. However, at this event a few incidents occurred: Yugyeom's under aged drinking, BamBam's use of the "n word" and Mark's new leg tattoo, JB, Jr., and Jackon's picture taking with Mark's friends. 

1) Yugyeom's underaged drinking 
This incident occured as one of Mark's friends decided to snapchat Yugyeom in his current circumstance. However, as this happened, Yugyeom was in a state of being drunk as he was acting 'strangely' in front of the camera. Thus, as the thousands of iGOT7 decided to capture this video, it was finally exposed. (fans got it through the acquaintance's publicly displayed of snapchat user) 

In the United States, it definitely is illegal to drink under the age of 21, but the fact that everyone is ambushing Yugyeom for this matter is absurd. It would definitely be a lie for one to criticize if they have also drunk alcohol (even if it were a sip.) Just because he is in the public light, it doesn't mean that he isn't human.  I know, how cliche, how cheesy, but the fact that people have a lot to say about this occurrence, though they have drunk is a bit hypocritical. Also, in Korea the legal drinking age is 19 and Yugyeom is adequate to drink. Due to him being a foreigner, he might have not known about this law and thus, he freely drunk alcohol. He definitely is one of the few, including Bambam to be under aged at the party that was held. 

2) Bambam's usage of the N word
This occurred when one of Mark's friends decided to record Mark getting into a group picture with a bunch of his other friends. (I know how vague) 

I don't think it is quite acceptable for him to say this word considering how many of that culture believe it to be derogatory and offensive. I am not of that race or culture, so I definitely can't relate to their circumstances, but there is really no exception to it. However, I'm not going to lie about how other races do call Asians "chinks", as it refers to our small eyes. Though the word "chink" isn't taken as seriously as "the N word" I personally feel that it is unusual for one of another race to bluntly criticize/state/say this word. The context of the word "chink" is typically derogatory. All in all, I feel like the words that Bambam did use were not correct, but this should be applied universally rather than focusing on the African American culture. Also, (I'm not 10000% sure about this because I haven't witnessed it, but) there are stories floating around that Bambam did actually ask Mark's friends for the meaning of the word, but instead got the response of "bro." Thus, this leads to BamBam to have the indication that it is simply okay to use the word. At the same time, I do believe that the public should give these idols their space and allow them to reflect. This item is definitely culture shock for the two as they were constrained in a practice room for 3 years as well as living in Asia for practically their whole life. 

3) Mark's new leg tattoo
This was also discovered through fan pictures, but it has recently been brought up through Mark's friend's snapchat. This occurance is in the same video as Bambam's word usage.

There isn't really much to this tattoo, it's simply a cross which would indicate his religion. I do believe that it is his freedom to get what he wants inked onto his skin, but JYP does strongly discourage this. It really is up to your opinion whether you like his tattoo or not, but ultimately, it is already inked and there 's not much that can be changed. 

4) Picture taking 
This also occured at Mark's party when snapchats and such were taken with the members. 

I don't really have a problem with Mark's friends taking pictures with my idols, but at the same time I do feel like there is a sense of desperation for the public view. Okay, so that does sound like this is out of jealousy, but at the same time, I feel like the members were being used for another's public gain. Most fans are appalled by this occurrence and it has been seen through one of Mark's acquaintance's account of her hashtagging multiple tags that would include: #kpop, #got7 #got7marktuan and things of such, Many have taken this as appeal to gain followers which is negatively viewed. All in all, I don't feel like the members were wrong to take selfies with attendants of the party, but I feel like there is a need for a restriction and control. 

-- many fans have taken that all pictures that were taken with other members excluding Mark were for attention rather than to acknowledge the group itself -- 

First Concert Experience + Tips !

OHMYGOODNESS HAHA So, on July 11th, 2016, I experienced my first ever concert. I know, a lot of kpop fans have gone to multiple concerts before the age of 15, but my parents are restrictive so give me a chance. So, first of all the ticket buying process. I have mentioned this situation before and well, it didn't go as smoothly as I would have liked, but there is nothing I could've possibly done to change the system. I countlessly emailed the event company (or whatever you call them), but I either didn't get a reply or simply got a misleading answer. If you ever purchase tickets through SubK and ultimately, AXS, just know that you definitely have to get online way earlier than they say the release time is. From what I know, more than half of the P2 sections for both concerts, were already sold. Which ultimately leads to the idea that there's a lot of false hope given when buying tickets, so just be careful. (but cudos to sam -- if you're reading this -- for getting us P3 and being able to see practically everything.) When the day of the concert actually arrived, I had previously planned for my mom to take me to the venue extra early (1 PM--the doors open at 6) in order to get well, quality standing areas. However, things didn't go as smoothly as I wanted them to be so I ended up arriving with my friends around 5, but we still got a good standing area (aka behind the camera man) which I'm not complaining for.... The lesson I have learned is that if you do decide to get P3 (and it's in a standing area) I think going too early would be a bit useless unless you really wanna try to get within the P2 area. But as far as I know for this concert, P2 and P3 were blended together whereas P1 had their own separate section with a guard blocking it off (checking tickets) All in all, this concert was a major success (as security was pretty tight, thank you) and it was quite enjoyable even though the people in front of me enjoyed waving around their rolled up poster T_T . SO IF YOU'RE TOO LAZY TO READ MY LIFE STORY HERE ARE SOME TIPS I WOULD GIVE YOU ABOUT CONCERTS, EVEN THOUGH I'VE ONLY GONE TO ONE.....................................................

1) Never release your tickets unless you know you can get better ones (for sure.) 
-- I had my friend release our Day1 P3 seating tickets thinking we could get better ones due to the price differences, but the concert ended up being sold out. However, luckily, they decided to add a second day -- 
2) Know that ticket groups like to buy multitudes of tickets in order to resell at a higher price.
-- StubHub was selling tickets for $400 (P2) when they originally costed only 200-300 max..-- 
3) When buying tickets, there is ALWAYS false hope. 
--When your screen says that the section is available, but when you click it multiple times, no options pops up, its most likely sold out ... --
4) Don't go too early for P3 (only if it's a small venue) 
-- My friends and I arrived about 2 hours earlier than when the doors open and we got pretty quality standing areas (we could practically see everything even though we were towards the back) -- 
5) If you're short like me, chances are platform shoes/heels are your best friends. 
-- From where I was standing, only the camera stand was in my way which was pretty nice, but other than that I could see properly which pleased me -- 

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

me + you

Just to let you know, I want to put pictures on the preview to the preview of a drama review, but with this server, I am not allowed to do so multiple times. In the beginning, it would work smoothly and come out nicely, but now, it only comes out pixelated. Please understand that I'm actually trying to make the previews interesting, but I seemingly can't do so since the server doesn't allow. Thank you! 
(though this gif isn't korean culture related.... enjoy )

Literal Hiatus

Hi guys !!!
So, first off I definitely want to apologize for not being able to post for the past month... I have been trying to keep up with summer school in general as well as SAT and summer assignments... (please spare me) BUTTTTTT I am currently catching up with Doctors, Beautiful Mind, as well as (starting from today...) Uncontrollably Fond. I will be posting an overall review once these dramas are finished, so please anticipate. For now, please refer to the subsections (on the top) for a variety of options. (Though, I haven't posted in those for awhile either, but I will try to blog 2-3x a week....) Thank you !! 
xoxo cammie